Submitting an Article/Report to e-publications@RCSI, the RCSI Institutional Repository

The following are instructions for how to submit your material to e-publications@RCSI, the RCSI Institutional Repository:

  1. Submission policies
    Before you submit material, please take a look at the submission policies on the Policies web page.

  2. Check current repository content
    Please check to see if there is a copy of the item in the repository already. It may have been submitted previously by another author.

  3. Copyright information
    In most cases, RCSI Library staff/repository administrators will check copyright permission of your submitted material before we add it to the repository (for journal articles we usually check the Sherpa Romeo database However in some cases we may need to ask the author to contact a publisher to seek this permission.

    Please note that many publishers do not allow their final version to be used in institutional repositories. They usually allow use of pre-prints (this is the version of the paper pre-refereeing/pre-peer review) and/or post-prints (this is the final draft post-refereeing/post-peer review). We will, where possible, use the publisher PDF.

  4. Uploading/adding article, report etc:

      4.1. Go to the e-publications@RCSI website at – click on “Submit Research” in the right-hand menu. Select the section into which you want to submit your material (e.g. “Medicine Articles”).

      4.2. If there is no suitable section, please contact and the repository administrators will organise a suitable section.

      4.3. If you have not done so previously, you will need to set up an account.

      4.4. When you have logged in, you will be brought to a submission agreement form – tick the box to agree with the terms and click the “Continue” button.

      4.5. You will be brought to a submission form.

      4.6. If you are submitting a journal article and this appears in PubMed, enter the PubMed ID and click on the “Import” button to pre-populate the submission form. You can then amend the information as necessary.

      4.7. Enter Title (or check this is correct if you have used the PubMed import)

      4.8. Authors – Fill in the preferred author names - first name (plus initial if applicable), last name, full name of organisation (e.g. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland not RCSI).

      Important: Even if you use the PubMed import, please check the names as they may be different to your preferred name (or the name we have previously used in the repository).

      4.9. Choose Document Type

      4.10. Publication date - month, day and year if you have it, otherwise just add the information you have (at least add the year).

      4.11. Keywords: When using PubMed import, it should import the MeSH data, if available. You can also choose to add your own keywords (separate keywords/keyword phrases with commas)

      4.12. Comments: Enter any comments you want to add or leave blank.

      4.13. Abstract: When using PubMed import, it should import this data. Otherwise enter abstract or summary.

      4.14. The format of the abstract is: choose relevant option.

      4.15. Disciplines: some of this may already be filled in. Add extra information if required – choose from menu on left-hand side, select discipline, click on “Select” to move it to selected list.

      4.16. Citation: Please add citation in Vancouver bibliographic style (or leave blank and we will do so for you).

      4.17. PubMed ID: Add the PubMed ID, where appropriate

      4.18. Link to this item at: For RCSI Library staff only – please leave blank.

      4.19. DOI link: Add the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), where appropriate.

      4.20. Upload file: Choose your preferred option, e.g. “Upload file from your computer”.

      4.21. Publication Status: For RCSI Library staff only – please leave blank.

      4.22. Additional Files: tick this option if you have to add more than 1 file (e.g. if you have an article and separate files for figures).

      4.23. Click submit button – wait for the screen to tell you that the document has been submitted. You may also revise your submission or make another submission at this point.

  5. Log out of your account
    When you have completed your submissions, please log out of the repository – go to “My Account” and click on “Log Out”.
  6. Submission review
    RCSI Library staff will review your submission and will be in contact as soon as possible. For any queries, please contact .