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Consumer Health Information, Health Care Reform, Health Services Research, Humans, Information Systems, Ireland, Malpractice, Mass Media, Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Health Care, State Medicine, Trust


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PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to summarise the recent debates and issues on the healthcare system in Ireland, which have come to the fore through media exposure. The implications for these debates on quality are suggested and questions are raised to stimulate further debate.

DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: Recent reports and media opinion articles are reviewed in the light of the health reform programme and the increased prosperity due to the Celtic Tiger era in Ireland.

FINDINGS: The Health Service in Ireland is not what it should be. Progress has been made but resistance at all levels is significant due to the mistrust and miscommunication between the managerial and clinical personnel which have built up during the past number of years. The trust of the public is at an all-time low. However, once patients are within the system they are satisfied with their care.

ORIGINALITY/VALUE: This is a discussion paper which raises more questions than answers and is timely with the focus on quality in healthcare, particularly now as Ireland prepares for a general election for a new government with healthcare a priority issue.


Medicine and Health Sciences


Collins CG, Joyce P. Focus on quality in healthcare in Ireland. International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance. 2008;21(2):219-28.

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