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Ireland, Alcohol, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Harm


Commissioned by and copyright of the Department of Health and Children. Conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Economic and Social Research Institute, University College Cork and National University of Ireland Galway. The report and associated reports are available to download from


The SLÁN 2007 survey contained a series of questions relating to alcohol use. These included questions about frequency (how often) an quantity (how much) of alcohol consumed, as well as questions about alcohol-related harm. Quantity of alcohol consumed was assessed by asking respondents how many standard drinks were taken, a ‘standard’ drink being defined as a half pint or a glass of beer, lager or cider; a single measure of spirits; a single glass of wine, sherry or port; or a bottle of alcopop (long neck). This report forms part of a series of reports which seek to contextualise the SLÁN 2007 findings (see p. iv for full list of SLÁN 2007 reports).




Morgan K, McGee H, Dicker P, Brugha R, Ward M, Shelley E, Van Lente E, Harrington J, Barry M, Perry I, Watson D. SLAN 2007: Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland. Alcohol use in Ireland: A profile of drinking patterns and alcohol-related harm from SLAN 2007. Department of Health & Children, 2009

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