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Adolescent, Age of Onset, Child, Child Abuse, Child Abuse, Sexual, Domestic Violence, Family Relations, Female, Humans, Male, Marijuana Abuse, Parents, Psychiatric Status Rating Scales, Psychotic Disorders, Risk Factors, Socioeconomic Factors


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BACKGROUND: Adolescent cannabis use has been shown in many studies to increase the risk of later psychosis. Childhood trauma is associated with both substance misuse and risk for psychosis. In this study our aim was to investigate whether there is a significant interaction between cannabis use and childhood trauma in increasing the risk for experiencing psychotic symptoms during adolescence.

METHOD: Psychiatric interviews using the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia for School-Age Children (K-SADS) semi-structured instrument were carried out with 211 adolescents aged between 12 and 15 years and their parents as part of a population-based study. The interview enquired about early traumatic events, cannabis use and psychiatric symptoms in adolescence.

RESULTS: In separate analyses both cannabis use and childhood trauma were significantly associated with risk of experiencing psychotic symptoms. However, the presence of both childhood trauma and early cannabis use significantly increased the risk for psychotic symptoms beyond the risk posed by either risk factor alone, indicating that there was a greater than additive interaction between childhood trauma and cannabis use.

CONCLUSION: Our finding of a greater than additive interaction between childhood trauma and cannabis use may have implications for the identification of individuals at high risk of experiencing psychotic symptoms. For example, measures to actively discourage or intensively treat cannabis use in children and adolescents who have experienced abuse may help to prevent the development of psychosis in this vulnerable group. Our findings require replication in larger samples to confirm this interaction effect.


Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychiatry and Psychology


Harley M, Kelleher I, Clarke M, Lynch F, Arseneault L, Connor D, Fitzpatrick C, Cannon M. Cannabis use and childhood trauma interact additively to increase the risk of psychotic symptoms in adolescence. Psychological Medicine. 2010;40(10):1627-34

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