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Adolescent, Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Exercise


The SEYLE project is supported through Coordination Theme 1(Health) of the European Union Seventh Framework Profram (FP7), Grant agreement nr HEALTH-F2-2009-223091. Research Fellow Dr Elaine McMahon is funded by the Irish Health Research Board Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Award (HRB/ICE/2012/11).


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In this cross-sectional study, physical activity, sport participation and associations with wellbeing, anxiety and depressive symptoms were examined in a large representative sample of European adolescents. A school-based survey was completed by 11,110 adolescents from ten European countries who took part in the SEYLE (Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe) study. The questionnaire included items assessing physical activity, sport participation and validated instruments assessing well-being (WHO-5), depressive symptoms (BDI-II) and anxiety (SAS). Multi-level mixed effects linear regression was used to examine associations between physical activity/sport participation and mental health measures. A minority of the sample (17.9% of boys and 10.7% of girls; p


Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychiatry and Psychology


McMahon EM, Corcoran P, O’Regan G, Keeley H, Cannon M, Carli V, Wasserman C, Hadlaczky G, Sarchiapone M, Apter A, Balazs J, Balint M, Bobes J, Brunner R, Cozman D, Haring C, Iosue M, Kaess M, Kahn JP, Nemes B, Podlogar T, Poštuvan V, Sáiz P, Sisask M, Tubiana A, Värnik P, Hoven CW, Wasserman D. Physical activity in European adolescents and asociations with anxiety, depression and wellbeing. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 2016;26(1):111-122

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