Can solar water treatment really help in the fight against water shortages?

Pilar Fernandez-Ibanez, University of Ulster
Kevin McGuigan, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Despo Fatta-Kassinos, University of Cyprus

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In the face of increasing global population, rising industrialization and the inescapable reality of climate change, the demand for access to clean, safe water has never been greater. Solar wastewater remediation technologies and solar water-treatment have the potential to contribute significantly towards affordable and sustainable solutions to this seemingly intractable problem. They do this by using solar energy to treat water from sources that previously would have been considered unsuitable for further use. In this article we reveal the basic principles surrounding the design and application of solar remediation reactors for urban wastewater treatment and reuse and then show how even simpler technologies are being used in low-income communities to provide affordable and safe potable water.