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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Dr Mauro Adamo

Second Supervisor

Dr Francesco Fini


Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Oxazines


The present work dealt with the preparation of some key intermediates and their use for the generation of chemical diversity.

In Chapter 2 the synthesis of cycloadducts 2.24 was attempted starting fiom acyl nitroso species 2.2.

In Chapter 3 a novel route to alkene-functionalised monobactams was developed and their potential in diversity oriented synthesis is still in progress.

In Chapter 4 we have described a good enantioselective Michael-initiated ring closure (MIRC) reaction of 2,3 -substituted- 1,1 -cyclopropanediesters under operationally simple conditions and mild PTC catalysis. The study delivers a class of novel enantiopure Michael adducts which could serve as valuable building blocks and as templates of high potential synthetic utility.

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A thesis submitted to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the National University of Ireland in 2010.