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Mary McCarthy


Training Needs, Mental Health, Nurses, Education.


The change project chosen for this organisational development was the introduction of a training needs analysis on the Mental Health Act 2001. This led to the development of a training workshop for nursing staff within a mental health hospital. The rationale for selecting this project was that the author felt the general knowledge of the Act was poor among nurses regards the Mental Health Act.

The training needs analysis proved that many staff received training in 2006 but have received no refresher training subsequently. The ultimate aim of this project was to complete a training needs analysis of mental health nurses knowledge and their application of the Mental Health Act and it will inform the development of education and training workshops across the hospital.

Literature indicates that internationally knowledge of mental health legislation is generally poor among health professionals but also the implementation of Mental Health Act legislation is considered poor also. Literature stated that training techniques such as supervision, role play scenarios, tool kits and presentations on key topic areas were seen as key components of successful training. The author used the Senior and Swailes Change Model for the purpose of the change project. A training needs analysis survey was sent to 138 ward based nurses within one hospital. Results from the survey indicated that nurses especially needed additional training on (1) the detention of a child, (2) who completes a death notification and (3) the Mental Health Commission (MHC) statutory requirements. The author received 47 surveys back which was a 38% response rate. The author commenced the training workshops and completed two workshops. The author used the CIPP evaluation model for the purpose of evaluating the training workshop. The author used the same survey that was used in the training needs analysis for the purpose of the evaluation feedback. Results indicated that the training was effective in addressing nurses training needs but additional work was required to meet their needs in regards to the Mental Health Commission (MHC) statutory requirements and the Code of Practice(COP).

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A Dissertation submitted in part fulfilment of the degree of MSc Healthcare Management, Institute of Leadership, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2016.