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Winter 2018

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Masters theses/dissertations - taught courses

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Dr Rose Galvin


Donor-Conceived, Assisted Human Reproduction, Anonymous Donor, Genetic, Blythe, Systematic Review


This paper considers the topic of donor-conceived people and their perceptions and experiences of their genetic origins. An update was performed on a previously published systematic review entitled ‘Donor-conceived people’s views and experiences of their genetic origins: A critical analysis of the research evidence’, Journal of Law and Medicine (Blyth et al., 2012). The methodology and findings of the original review are outlined here along with details of how this was adapted for the update six years on from the original review, during which time AHR (Assisted Human Reproduction) has developed and evolved as techniques continue to be refined. The aim of this undertaking was to identify newer research since the original systematic review was published and review it in light of the recommendations in the original paper, to see if those recommendations were still relevant and applicable. The original review identified 19 articles which published data from 13 discrete studies that met the inclusion criteria. The current paper identified nine studies that met the updated inclusion criteria and also considers other relevant studies containing information which help to illuminate the topic under consideration. Conclusion: The update found that while there is still a dearth of research on donor-conceived people, especially longitudinal studies, research that incorporates newer forms of AHR is starting to come on-stream, with donor-conceived individuals retaining their status as a population of considerable interest to researchers, especially if greater access can be gained to them in the future, for the purposes of further study.

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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Masters in Health Care Ethics and Law, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2018.