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Adult, Ambulatory Care, Anti-HIV Agents, Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active, Female, HIV Infections, Humans, Ireland, Male, Middle Aged, Prevalence, Risk Factors


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This study describes the demographics and treatment status of HIV-infected adults accessing ambulatory care in the Republic of Ireland and estimates diagnosed HIV prevalence rates. 3254 HIV-infected adults attended 1 of the 6 specialist HIV centres in the 12- month period 1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010. 2023/3254 (62%) were male, 1761/3133 (56%) Irish and 1048/3133 (34%) African. 1924/3098 (62%) resided in the Dublin area. The mean age was 39.8 years (SD 9.3); probable route of acquisition was available for 2898/3254 (89%); heterosexual acquisition accounted for 1442 (50%), MSM 777 (27%) and IDU 598 (21%). 2574/3202 (80%) were on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Of these 87% had HIV-RNA levels < 50cpm and 94% < 500cpm. The HIV diagnosed prevalence rate is estimated at 1.09/1000 nationally and at 2.25/1000 in the Dublin area for 15-59 year olds.


International Public Health | Medicine and Health Sciences


Tuite H, Horgan M, Mallon PW, McConkey SJ, Mooka B, Mulcahy F, Walsh C, O'Hora A, O'Flanagan D, Bergin C, Fleming C. Patients Accessing Ambulatory Care for HIV-infection: Epidemiology and Prevalence Assessment. Irish Medical Journal. 2015;108(7):199-202.

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