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Primary Health Care, Systems, Models, E-services, Overview


This work is supported by the Health Research Board of Ireland through the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research under Grant HRC/2007/1.

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We present an overview of the most frequently distributed types of primary health care (PHC) models of delivery across different countries and cultural environments. We summarise and describe most important definitions, principles of classification, attributes, necessary conditions (e.g., patient-management systems, electronic health records, ICT platforms) and organisation and key performance indicators (KPI) for functioning of the primary health care systems. We review and explore the suitability of different PHC models for provision of electronic (e-)services.


Digital Communications and Networking | Medicine and Health Sciences


Dimitrov BD, Fahey T. Primary health care models and suitability for provision of e-services: an overview. In: Proceedings of the Transforming Government Workshop "Enabling Citizen Participation, Social Inclusion & Democracy through Electronic Systems & Processes" (tGov) 2010, March 18-19 2010, Brunel University, London, UK, 9 pp.

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