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Primary Care, Bioengineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Global Platform


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This paper presents a concept for development of a unified bioengineering framework that consolidates efforts in extending the geographical boundaries and outreach of primary care in Ireland and ensure its long-term scalability. This framework encompasses infrastructures, devices, systems, techniques, materials, engineering practices and socio-technical set-ups for improved access, safety and quality of care at national and global levels. In particular, we address the development of special purpose solutions, technologies and devices for healthcare from a bioengineering perspective, within the wider biotechnology agenda in Ireland.


Education | Medicine and Health Sciences


Maad S, Dimitrov BD, Fahey T. (2009). A Concept for a Long-term Scalable Primary Care Model. CD-ROM/Online Proceedings of the European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS) 2009, 13-14 July, The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Izmir, Turkey. Editors: Prof Zahir Irani, Dr Ahmad Ghoneim, Dr Maged Ali, Dr Sarmad Alshawi, Assistant Prof Omur Y. Saatcioglu, Prof A. Guldem Cerit. ISBN: 978-1-902316-69-7

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