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Digital preservation, application domains, scalable systems and service


This article is available at The work is partially supported by the Health Research Board of Ireland through the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research under Grant HRC/2007/1.


The authors present a novel approach to develop scalable systems and services for preserving digital content generated from various application domains. The aim is to deliver an integrative scalable approach for digital content preservation across domain verticals. This would involve consolidating approaches for modeling document workflow, preserving the integrity of heterogeneous data, and developing robust and scalable tools for digital preservation ensuring interoperability across domains verticals. The authors consider various application domains including: healthcare, public, business and finance, media and performing art, and education. The authors focus on specific case studies of digital content preservation across the considered domain verticals. The authors describe an integrative framework for digital content preservation across domain verticals. This framework is developed at four levels and attempts to abstract and integrate the digital content workflow across domain verticals. The authors suggest a test bed to validate our integrative approach for digital content preservation. This integrates the digital content preservation activity along the value chain of domain verticals.


Computer and Systems Architecture | Data Storage Systems | Digital Communications and Networking | Medicine and Health Sciences


Maad S, Dimitrov BD. Digital content preservation across domain verticals. Journal of Communication & Computer. 2010; 7(10): 64-71.