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Public perspectives, general practice, health services, Ireland.


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Aims In recent years it has been recognised that person-centred care can lead to better outcomes for patients and a reduced burden on healthcare systems. The aim of this study was to explore what really matters to members of the public when they visit a GP in Ireland. Methods This qualitative study used a structured interview methodology with one question; “What really matters to you when you go to see a GP?” Results were analysed using an integrated approach, involving both inductive and deductive methods. Results Responses from the 10 study participants were subdivided into two overarching themes: the General Practitioner as a person and the General Practice as a service. Personality (open, approachable, personable, trusted, interested) and service (time, cost, convenience, personal relationship) traits matter to patients. Conclusion Patients must be facilitated and encouraged to voice what really matters to them in order to inform truly person-centred healthcare improvement.


Medicine and Health Sciences


Brennan J, Bourke M, O’Donnchadha R, Mulrooney A. What Really Matters to You? A Study of Public Perspectives on General Practice in Ireland. Irish Medical Journal. 2019;112(1):854.

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