Submissions from 2013


National Survey of Stroke Survivors: Documenting the Experiences and Levels of Self-Reported Long-Term Need in Stroke Survivors in the First 5 years.Systematic Review:Factors Associated with Community Re-integration in the First 12 months Post Stroke: A Qualitative Synthesis., Mary Walsh, Rose Galvin, Chris Macey, Cliona McCormack, and Frances Horgan

Submissions from 2008


Irish Heart Foundation National Audit of Stroke Care, Frances Horgan, Anne Hickey, Hannah McGee, and Desmond O'Neill

Submissions from 2005


One Island – Two Systems: A comparison of health status and health and social service use by community-dwelling older people in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Hannah McGee, Ann O'Hanlon, Maja Barker, Anne Hickey, Rebecca Garavan, Ronán Conroy, Richard Layte, Emer Shelley, Frances Horgan, Vivienne Crawford, Robert Stout, and Desmond O'Neill